Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Your RDA of Infomation For GA-SC

Friends, tie your shoelaces now! bell, Book and candle (the bookstore in downtown Lavonia, Ga) is hosting Richard Shimkets of Tastes of Georgia on Saturday, at 1:oo pm. The "class" (don't sweat it, there will be no pop test, and recess is guaranteed... but no running in the bookstore, okay?) The hour talk is going to be on wine and food pairing... according to Jean, the owner who frequently wonders... "What beer really goes with Moo Goo Gai Pan? PBR? Guiness? Molson?" (Her joke, not mine... I wish!)

And if you are not familiar with Tastes of Georgia, check it out: http://www.tastesofgeorgia.com

A snippet from their website:
Tastes of Georgia is Hartwell's healthiest restaurant and wine shop, with fresh, biologically-conscious dishes made from artisan breads, fresh cheeses, meats and jams from Georgia that are prepared using only healthy oils, such as olive and canola oil. Best of all, if you find a wine, cheese, bread, or chocolate that you fall in love with, you can take some of it with you!

It should be a real treat to hear Richard talk. Sadly, there will be no wine served, but the good news is that Richard is such an interesting speaker, that we'll feel like we've sampled Havarti cheese, guzzled... er... sipped um... Chablis November 2007? No... better make that Pinot Noir '98 from... uh oh, ladies and gentlemen, this bulletin is interrupted by my general inability to understand/fill in the joke... knowledge is so hard to fake! Guess I'll be taking notes on Saturday...

And please show up. Even if you're still in your jammies and bunny slippers. Nobody will laugh at your pink curlers, I promise, no matter what you choose to roll up... But hey, don't dare show up with your Arbor Mist, tucked under your arm... even I know that much. Hic! On second thought, bring your red neck on down!. (Othewise I'll waste my precious Saturday guzzling PBR with Jean over cold Moo Goo Gai Pan, trying, straining, stuggling to say something nice about beer... what can be said about beer? Aand yes, if you wondered, that is indeed the menu planned for the Apocalypse. No wonder Jean's excited.)

DESPERATE NOTE TO SELF: Before a 3 mile run... do not down a substantial helping of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and consider that your pre-run carb loading or whatever it is you're supoosed to do before running.

Okay, on to the writing opportunities:

3/15/08 DIAGRAM Big Sexy Innovative Fiction Contest Prizes: $1,000, T-shirts, and publication Fee: $5 DIAGRAM $5IFC
648 Crescent NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 nmp (at symbol, you know, the "@") thediagram.com Judge: Kelly Link Notify: Story: We don't make money on this contest (obviously). This contest also has no frills: we can't send out snail mail contest announcements or e-mail announcements of the finalists or winner (though if you submit electronically, you'll get a response). All submissions are read anonymously by an anonymous panel of judges and screeners (different group than last year). This is an ethical contest, so please, close friends or former students of the judge, you're not welcome to enter this time (sorry). All submissions are considered for publication by DIAGRAM. All stories submitted must be unpublished (personal website and blogs excepted). The entry fee per story is $5, paid via paypal or check or cash. This year we will accept submissions via two methods: snail mail (not preferred, but okay if you want to do it): mail the story (w/a removable cover sheet with your contact info & the story title) and a check or cash. Sorry, but we can't notify via SASE. If you want a notification, go for #2: the DIAGRAM submissions manager system: much preferred; this way you will definitely get a response—create an account and submit your story, and this is important, you must choose the genre as "$5 IFC" for your story to be considered; you must also pay the entry fee ($5) through PayPal or via post. Note that you will receive an automated submission acknowledgment via email (it's the boilerplate one we send for regular DIAGRAM submissions, so ignore that part of the e-mail).

2008 Submission Guidelines The Sin Cycle For ten years Atlantis Playmakers has produced works from playwrights around the world. In 2008, we are expanding our new works program to include an entire cycle of plays, "The Sin Cycle." Every month begining in January, a new sin or two will be announced as the topic for that month's entries. Each topic will have a specific deadline, but all will follow the guidelines below. Please FOLLOW the guidelines. We receive hundreds and hundreds of scripts each year and unfortunately cannot consider works for this PlayFEST if they don't meet the requirements. Selections - scripts may be selected for readings throughout the winter and spring, and/or for full production in the SAS PlayFEST. A minimum of seven entries will be chosen for the final "Sin Cycle" in the SAS PlayFEST (summer 2008). Please read ALL the guidelines and make sure that your script is topical. Please note, individual themes have specific deadlines. Email entries must be received by midnight on the deadline date. Snail mail entries must be postmarked on the deadline date. "Sin Cycle" topics will be announced on February 1, March 1, April 1 and May 1. Entry deadlines are February 15, March 15, April 15 and May 15 respectively. 1) Actor limit - the SAS PlayFEST is an ensemble piece. As such, we will cast only three men and three women to play all roles in all entries. It is highly recommended that you limit your characters from two to five. 2) Time limit - Submissions must run no more than fifteen minutes long. 3) Set limit - Simple sets are recommended. 4) Submissions MUST be unproduced, staged readings are OK. We define a staged reading to include all of the following: actors on-book, volunteering their tme or receiving a small stipend, no set, no costumes, and the audience does not pay to view the reading. 5) Do not send a bio, resume, quotes from critics or other propaganda. We don't read them. We only read the scripts, and we don't even look at your name until after your script has been selected. Seriously. After we select your script, then we'll want to hear all about you. 6) Selected works MUST have their world premiere at the SAS PlayFEST. 7) All production rights for the plays revert to the playwright after the Festival, Atlantis Playmakers merely has the right to produce the premier. we are not able to offer individual critiques. Unused scripts are recycled. FORMAT: Entries must be typed, and include a cover page with the playwright's name, address, phone, and e-mail. You do not need to use a specific script program. Old fashioned typing is fine. BY MAIL: Please mail hard copy submissions to 4611 Monroe St Hollywood FL 33021 SUBMIT BY EMAIL: Word format ONLY to kdb@AtlantisPlaymakers.com. If we cannot open the file, we simply cannot accept the entry.

There. I think that's enough useless information for the day. Good night!


caroline said...


rotfl, you are so funny.

what is an RDA?

margaret said...

I'm trying! I get points for that. RDA is for reccomended daily allowance. I wasn't too sure about that joke lol... I'll be sure to add in footnotes on my next joke.

thanks for reading! It helps to know that I'm not talking to myself.