Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Weekend Report

And how did you fare? Did you use your time wisely? Do you have dozens of dazzling anecdotes destined to drum up despair down at the.... You and I both must be really glad that I can''t continue that twister! I was never a fan, I admit. Couldn't dance either.

I did accomplish a few things:

1. Went for a run. 3.1 miles.

2. Watched "Music From The Heart" with Meryl Streep. I get points subtracted for watching it on tv... since great chunks of the movie were excised in order to sell shoes, but even so, I managed to enjoy and understand the video.

3. Entered The Binnacle contest! As they get 600 subs on average, I felt like I threw my submission away... and I won't be able to resubmit until May when the winners are announced... but still, I rescued a story snippet from my hard drive, and it was fun to chisel it into a story. The story had to be 150 words, and that was a challenge. First I had 276 words and I was shocked as there was so little story to that... and then I started hacking off limbs, and I made it to 173... then after that, it was a piece of cake. (Angel food--not so much in importance, but low-cal and that's something.) It's interesting working on a story of so few words because one word has to point into 3 directions in order to serve both character and plot. It's an interesting process to change a word and see the interplay between the two open up... just on the strength of a mere word. In one case, I changed his to their, and the story exploded... well, sort of... in a Roman candle, sort of low-key way.

4. I picked out a couple of play contests to enter... then I struggled with headers, footers, and cover pages for way too long. I really despise Word. If I wasn't so aggravated, I'd send WORD to Bill Gates of my irritation, but nah, I think I'll just smack my header with my footer since it dovetails with my interest in yoga... Or would that fall under the header of Taking An Unneccessary Beating? I'll be sure to send my bandaid bill to proper noun Bill.

5. I half-watched Pride and Prejudice on PBS. I was still footering my teetering header, so it kept me from fully engaging with the plot... but even so, I looked up every now and then and enjoyed whatever... what was that, now?. Is that evidence of ADD or multi-tasking? You be the judge!

And so that's that. I give myself a D. And how did you do? Tally your score, and give yourself a beating, if need be. I'll resume listing things to do on Monday.

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