Monday, February 18, 2008

Now Where Was I?

Last night I didn’t finish my weekend report due to my inability to win my wrestling match with Hewlett, The Angry Packard. (I’ll spare you the boring blow by blow description of my defeat. Suffice to say there were bruises! All mine. Talk about pathetic. Yes, I‘m still crying.) So… let’s continue with more positive developments/details, whatever :

I did a good bit of stepping out on Saturday. (We won’t discuss Sunday… which uh… oh yeah, that was a day of rest. Woo hoo, what an incredible save!) The back door was swinging all day… first the 5k, then I ran to the last Saturday class at bell, Book, and Candle at the Health and Nutrition Center in Lavonia, Ga on Vickery Street. Sadly the bookstore is going to change ownership and while I’m glad it’s going to stay open, I’m sad that the writer’s club, the Saturday classes, and the book club are all going to be no more. There just wasn’t enough interest.

The last Saturday class was a good one! We tasted different varieties of chocolate and compared and contrasted dark chocolate and milk chocolate. It was the funniest class! You kind of had to be there to appreciate the insanity of eating so much chocolate in such a short period of time… Sorry, I would describe the mouthwatering experience, but you snooze, you lose… so I leave you with only your starved for details imagination.. Which is lacking… chocolate. On the plus side, you weigh 5 pounds less than I do, so go ahead and snicker. What? Did I hear a Snickers bar unwrapping? Am I paranoid? Or just hungry? I could never live in Hungary. What do people do there?

But perhaps I'm going off on an unfunny tangent...

And I ended the night at a pub on the corner of Hull and Hancock. I forget the name of the pub, but it was a great place… quiet. I met a friend and we sat outside in the courtyard and there was a homemade skee ball area where people were competing… and inside a sewing class was meeting, so it’s the sort of place where you can do your own thing. Nice!

And my friend and I decided to create a theatre club. If you want to join, feel free to fill out a ten page application, after which you should be prepared to provide a hair sample… then maybe a urine… on second thought, maybe that last requirement could be omitted... At any rate, we decided to write, sub a play on quilts to a theatre in Kentucky so the theatre club will be a fantastic learning opportunity.

And tonight I went out for a run. 3.5 miles. I was almost Gone With The Wind, but luckily I persevered because frankly, I just didn’t… heh, heh. When I came home, I entered my time at and I’m currently 1.16 mi from Chavies, KY which is in Perry County fyi. If you don’t know what is then it must be Google time. At any rate, Chavies, Ky isn’t too impressive. Lots of trees, a transfer truck that may have crashed into a chain link fence. (And that’s more drama than is usually found at so consider yourself lucky.)

Okay I’ll end the night with a little bit of info. On Saturday, there’s a race in Flowery Branch. The 1st Annual 5K Racket Run/Walk at 9 a.m.

While meanwhile, on the other side of the creative divide….

In Athens, at The Town and Gown theatre, Glengarry Glen Ross is playing February 22 through February 24, 2008.

And that’s it, folks! Good night!


caroline said...

Please have the ten page application sent to the Marchioness of Schofield, at her London Townhouse.

She will send you her urine back in a golden vial set with rubies, which you are permitted to keep as a souvenir of her grace's graciousness. She doesn't part with her hair. Ever.

Thank you,
Miss Caroline, Lady Schofield's Head Lady-in-Waiting

margaret said...

LOL!!!!!! Words cannot describe how I feel about this... honor?

I pledge to display said... er.. vial in a suitable location. Not in the jewelery box, but maybe... in my ermine-lined medicine cabinet.

Be wary of any and all unlabeled medications...