Sunday, February 24, 2008

Road Trip!

Now why did I name this blog ReadWriteRun… I mean, I’ve done the running, the writing… but have I done any reading since starting this blog? Well, I’ve read a bit of “The Year Of Living Bibically” by A. J. Jacobs… which I love! But why so silent?

Maybe this newsflash will get me going! A mindless Google search led me to the news that Tracy Chevalier will be at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur on February 28, 2008. I don’t know that Tracy is my favorite author, but I love her writer’s mindset. I got so much out of “Girl With A Pearl Earring” because she showed me how a painter approaches his subject. She’s a combo of how to manual and poet. Or so she was in “Girl…” It’s not like I’ve read anything else of hers, like I’m an expert. Hmmm… perhaps I should rectify that and read Burning Bright. Then I could be a two book expert. “ Burning Bright” is about William Blake, the poet so that should be a beautiful book. As Tracey’s appearance at Wordsmiths will be her only appearance in Georgia, I’d like to see her. I’ll have to seriously consider that….

Sadly I did little this weekend… well, nothing that meets blogging standards. Recycling newspapers generally doesn’t inspire comment. Nor does losing keys and cell phones. Paying bills. Watching Jane Austen… well, maybe that’s borderline. It IS an elevating experience, even if I have seen the mini-series 99,000 times.

I did experience the good life. I dined at Sullivan’s Metro Grill on Main Street in Anderson, SC. You don’t eat at Sullivan’s. You dine. It was wonderful. Salmon, all sorts of cheesecakes, caramel cake… Check it out at

I started 3 plays so maybe that counts for something… but not for finishing though. Everything just seemed to LOOM… each project went King Kong on me, seeming too big and unruly to tackle on a Sunday night while trying to sort of watch the Oscars (boring!) and Pride And Prejudice (my salvation! Darcy took the bitter aftertaste of the Oscars right out of me! Yeah!). I’ll have to try them again while… House is playing in the background… or maybe another mindless episode of Law and Order. Or CNN and their two minute loop of stories. Oh, how many times I heard the same three tired stories over and over again. Are their writers still on strike? Do they have any writers?

But on a less cynical note: I ate lunch on Saturday at McIntosh’s Coffeehouse. Spinach quiche with potato salad… It was a fine experience. Note to self: go there more often. Just don’t buy the antiques. That could set you back a few bbq sandwiches.

I also checked out the perfumed, sugary air at Donuts on Depot. I went through the door as an inspector, but was immediately sacked (which was filled with incriminating bear claws and cinnamon donuts!) as everything there is so intoxicating… After leaving, I found that my sugar level was 4.0 over the legal limit, and I hadn’t eaten the first pastry! And to make matters worse, I think I was spritzed with candy gas and made to order brownie pie and lemon donuts and… oh, never mind the listing of my sins. I’m not exactly looking for redemption… unless it’s covered in chocolate…. or found within a loaf of apple bread. In fact I was pleased to find that eating apple bread while watching Jane Austen really made me feel the authenticity of the… well, okay it didn’t, but it sure did make me happy. One more note to Self: Don’t forget the importance of apple bread in the diet.

Enough prattle. It’s time for sleep! For visions of sugar plums to dance… Good night!


caroline said...

ohhhh, apple bread.

of course, you know our opinion of Pride and Prejudice 1995....

let's just say that Darcy was more of a laugh than a heartthrob...

:) but i'm glad you enjoyed!

~ signed,
Caroline, Head Lady-in-Waiting to her grace, Lady Kate Schofield.

caroline said...


i posted today.
the first in ages.