Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I went for a glorious run tonight and am in a fine mood! All is right with the world. On behalf of the running world, I offer up two weekend races:

This first one you'll have to travel for, but it must be a good run because every runner seems to have a t-shirt from it. I bet it's one of those glorious, good food/good goodies races. I doubt I'll go but I may have to go look at the description for it (don't have time tonight.) there is nothing better than a well-stocked goodie bag... full of useless junk.

12:00 AMRun the Reagan
Reagan Parkway & Hwy 124
Snellville, GA

And... a Sunday race! I love Sunday races... when they're late in the afternoon, that is. I think this one takes place at Sandy Creek Park. I love running on the greenway. I did a Halloween race there and it was wonderful!

Feb 17, 2008 10th Annual Frog Hop 5K & Tadpole 1 Mile Fun Run - Athens, GA Mail-in Registration Online Registration 5K - 2:30PM

(Details on both are at active.com. I'm running late and can't be bothered tonight!)

Well... after my lousy experience of yesterday, I shouldn't even list a writing opportunity, but why shouldn't I try to ruin yet another day? Yes, I could waste more time! What a concept!

Quay, a literary arts journal, is soliciting submissions in poetry and prose as well as drama through the end of February for our print edition coming out May 1. The editors at Quay are hoping that many of you will have something on your desk that is dying to be sent off - here's the time and the place! The following link explains our submission guidelines.

We are looking forward to reading your work. Please forward this invitation for submissions to any writers you know who are looking for a venue for their work.

Happy Writing,
The Editors of Quay


And although I'm leaving the writing world behind (haha), I think I'll throw my Canadian reader a bone...

Submissions :: Puritan Magazine 3.17.08
The Puritan, Ottawa's Literary Prose Magazine, is accepting submissions for the Spring 2008 issue: fiction and creative non-fiction,500-7500 words. Deadline: March 17, 2008.

And finally, the seriousness is over and done with. Sorry, but tonight's blog does not come with jokes. That would be $9.99, sold seperately. In fact... feel free to insert your own. Anywhere. Just clean up after your're done.

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