Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This Friday night at 8 pm, Adam Davis and Brian Carely, two members of the Elberton band Wacko Mazoe will be playing at the Green Bean Coffee Café. If you’d like to preview the show, head over to their My Space page:

It’s going to be an acoustic show. And for all you cheapskates, there will be no cover fee…. So save your lunch money for the Green Bean Coffee Café pastries… Yes! You can do the Green Bean Coffee Café on $5 a day! (Sadly, due to the strength of the Euro, Europe is out, but if it’s Tuesday, you must be leaning on the counter, ordering a Java Chip blender with two shots of expresso, dreaming of Prague, and cursing the fact that you left your Czech dictionary at home. Ahoj!) A $3 coffee, a $1 brownie and… er… well maybe some of that psychodelic cereal along the wall, and look at that, you even have enough left over for a lousy tip! And remember... the chair dancing is also free! (The word at the assisted living centers is that it’s one… slow… workout… well actually, only if you limit yourself to chair polka. They say the chair tango is quite invigorating… especially when tempos vary, when too many participants insist on leading, causing feminist-chauvinst power struggles and all of that, and… before you know it’s a ten chair pileup! Yes! Free firewood at the Green Bean Coffee Café! Come on down! Or maybe lots of new coffee stirrers. Okay, okay, even the voices in MY head are begging me to shut up. Sorry.)

Also, if you go to Wacko Mazoe's myspace page, you can hear snippets of songs... so you know... you won't get burned on that exorbitant free cover scam. Then again, maybe the website has the whole song. I don't know, I just won't do the math. Go and time your own selections, please. I’m listening to them now… but I’m not wearing a watch, so no, I repeat, I will not do the math. Sorry! I realize it’s a burning question.

Also, the myspace page is quite informative… the band Wacko Mazoe (And how does one pronounce that? Is it one of those tomato-tomahto faux pas in the making?) needs a drummer! So get your chopsticks out, and start practicing now! You have two days to leave your old life behind, to get your act together! (And read your fortune cookie beforehand, and save yourself some grief.)

But semi-seriously, you can also go to for more info. I had to buy shoes tonight and had little time to check it out, so maybe more I'll have even more info. It would be nice to be an expert on something. (but I have shoes!)

Next on the cultural agenda…

The Hart County Community Theatre is going to Chattanooga! On March 5-9, two high school seniors are going to compete in the 59th Annual Southeast Theatre Conference. Sadly this will not be a $5 a day trip… it’s going to cost $5,000, so the theatre has set up an account at Athens First Bank and Trust for anyone who’s willing to contribute to a very worthy cause.

It’s exciting to me, because last October, I opened the Hartwell Sun newspaper and noticed a familiar name… one that I know from online writing sites, Lou Catron. He wrote the play that the theatre performed at the Georgia Theatre conference, the conference where they won several awards. (After you win at the state level, you’re automatically eligible to compete at the regional level.) Lou is a well-known professor and playwright, someone that I’ve “chatted” with via internet message boards for a couple of years. He’s an amazingly nice guy and extremely talented writer. The theatre is going to do another performance of the his one act at some point so I hope I get to see it. When I told him the theatre wanted to perform a trilogy of his and there was one part that was out of print… he actually pulled his personal copy off of his bookshelf, copied it on a busy Saturday morning and suffered through a long line at the post office in order to get to the theatre post haste. That was awesome!

Friends, it is with some regret and much relief that I tell you that ReadWriteRunMania has met its daily quota of consonants. Admittedly there are three leftover vowels, (u, e, and i) and you are welcome to continue the program, if you are willing. Let's see... perhaps you might experiment with a yoga moan? (you know one of those yoga chant thingies...)

Good night!


caroline said...

Thanks so much for the chair dancing info!

I'll have you know I laughed for 5 minutes...

Have you started my lovely green book?

margaret said...

I think that could be your sport! I hope you make it to the Olympics. Or maybe the Guiness book if you can string that laugh out to 10 minutes.

I touched the lovely green book! That's always the first step. That's going to be my lovely Friday night treat... and I figure if I read fast enough, I can enter it 333 times at Goodreads and maybe take you on!

caroline said...

Jolly Good info, Margaret! Shall we all (you, me and Caroline) chair dance during the concert? That would be smashing!

You're posts are fabulous, the best part of my day!


margaret said...

Cheryle, you need to work on your day ha ha!

but thank you! and thanks for the pun... heh!