Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Weekend Is Here! Start Your Engines!

Okay now it’s Thursday night, the weekend’s staring us in the face, and friends, it’s time to get serious, to quit yapping about that distant, faraway mirage of a weekend; it's time to make the final decision, to make your reservations despite your reservations (there's just something so wrong about that whole concept) lest you have nothing pretentious to talk about yet again on that always looming, not-really-so-far-away Monday morning.

Now I’m committed to the Shimkets lecture on wine and cheese pairing at bell, Book, and candle in Lavonia, so everything else will have to be, scheduled around that… so… my options are:

1) a race in Athens, Ga:

Come join us for the 23rd Annual Spartan 5K and Spartan Sprint. Come set you PR in the 5K as the last 3/4 mile is all downhill. Arrive early as the 5K participants will be bussed to the start. Packet pickup is at the Tillman Center on the Athens Academy Campus. Athens Academy is located on US 441 between Athens and Watkinsville, GA.
$15.00 by 1/31/08, $20.00 afterwards.

Event Description:
Hand painted earthenware awards will be presented to the Overall Male/Female, Masters Male/Female and top three Male/Female in age groups beginning 10 and under through 75 and over.

I could run that and then go to the lecture in Lavonia. Since the lecture will be on wine and cheese pairing, there's a good chance that Exhibit A will be some stinky, exotic French cheese... and that might work well as I try to linger too long in a small room in sweaty clothes… Perhaps I won'tt stand out if there's some Limburger cheese in the house! But with my luck, the cheese of the day will probably be Havarti. And tongues would wag...

So… that "pairing" could be a poor combo. What does go with sweat? More sweat? Perhaps sports and culture (usually involving crowded rooms full of gossipers...) can’t co-exist so easily…

Verdict: I probably won’t do the run based on my poor performance this week… so… my second option is:

Culture! Sitting in a chair! Letting my cell phone go off during the performance! (People like that…) After my lousy run tonight, that sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. (Didn't even make the usual 3.1 miles... barely made it past the Serial Killer motel (just a little joke!), my fave landmark at the beginning of my run... and horror of horrors... I actually... gasp... WALKED! Oh the shame! I have a big ole Scarlet S on my forehead for Slacker, of course.

But enough of my problems. Next up on the list of possibilities is...

In Athens, “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams is playing Feb 8 through Feb 10 & Feb 14 through Feb 17... So I could go next week, and spend this weekend developing the fine art of procrastination, getting in touch with my inner wishy-washy... or I could get with it and actually be able to compare the play to the movie version… Hmmm… Not that I’m dying to do a book report on my weekend, but hey, it's an option, lousy though it be. The website is :

Oh and my fave theatre of all time is doing… a rerun! I think I’ve seen this show… This theatre is in downtown Greenville. The website is here:
And… from their website:

What happens to women from all walks of life as they approach middle age, sail through it, and come out fatter on the other side? It may sound like a simple question, but there are NO simple answers. That’s why you should make reservations now to see DESPERATE HOUSEFLIES, a spirited and spunky examination of how our heroines deal with aging . . . or ignore it all together!

Join us Wednesday through Saturday at 6:30 pm for dinner. To make a reservation, call 864/232-2287, or use our handy reservation page.
Performances take place at 8:15, and admission is still only $15.00 per person.

And I probably won’t make that (boo hoo, sob sob), but option 3 is also in Greenville… Check out the website:

Well… I’ve never seen this one. This is the last weekend, so would it be sold out? If I had an assistant, I would know this already. If I were serious about going, I bet I would know already. Oh well, read the synopsis along with me, and we’ll all feel enriched. It sounds good though! I might have to look into it. I would like to know if I liked ole Anton. Plus, one of the best plays that I've ever seen was a "stylized contemporary approach" to a realistic play. That is some serious fun. My adventure was with "An Inspector Calls." I saw that play years ago and I still think about it.

From the website:
The Seagull
Anton Chekhov
Directed by Matthew Earnest
Feb. 3, 7-9
Synopsis & Description
This classic play gets a modern makeover. The play is one of the first examples of modern realism in the cannon of dramatic literature…and The Warehouse Theatre will give it a decidedly more stylized contemporary approach. Truly an “event in space” this story of wayward, misplaced love comes alive, as if stepping off the canvas and onto the stage this production reminds the audience of Chekhov’s words, “Please, understand your life.”

Well now there's a few things to mull over. I really hope I do more than talk about it. I'm way too good at that. I should end with a joke and get out of this blog going nowhere, but where are my jokes? I have misplaced my jokes. I hate it when that happens. (Yes, it happens way too much.)

Good night!

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