Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Weekend Rolls To A Close

And it was busy!

My weekend score is at least a C… On Saturday, the back door was swinging all day... I made it to several events. We won't talk about Sunday, which could have been a recovery day.

Somehow I did indeed make it to the St Joe’s Jog 5k! I don’t know how as the morning races are so brutal to the pysche (oh, you should see the bruises!), but bravely, I sallied forth. Without the aid of coffee, nothing stronger than filtered water, I made the journey and only came to a screeching halt 5 minutes before the race started. I had time for a lunge and a half before they waved us off, but my legs didn’t complain so much as I came in 114 out of 153 runners. My time was 34:49.7. Not great, but not so lousy. I can handle that range! I came in fourth in my age group and no. 3 came in two minutes faster, so I’ll have to get better batteries for the next race.

The race was a good one. I would do it again. We started out on Prince Avenue, in front of St. Joseph Catholic School and it wound around the Historic Boulevard area, so there was some nice scenery… and the hills! Oh the hills! Yes, the hills were alive… with the sound of my screaming! I don’t run in Athens very much because I lived there for years and it’s hardly an exotic location, but I should run there more often just so I can torture my heels with their hills. I admit to some traumatic flashbacks because of the killer... hills... that taunted me with their… great, unrelenting height, but even so I kept running and didn’t suffer so much. (It really helps your endurance if you're capable of going 00000.2 miles an hour.) So eventually I quit my sobbing. Especially when the other runners asked me to stop. All those babies in their strollers were getting irritated.

I can’t run next weekend due to relatives coming to town, so I’ll offer up two interesting races that are scheduled for Saturday:

The 5th Annual Barrow Boogie 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run is also on Saturday. The 5K begins at 9:00AM, the 1 Mile at 8:30AM. The start/finish is located at Barrow Elementary School next to the UGA Track and Butts-Mehre Building. The course will run through the UGA campus and adjacent neighborhoods

$15.00 by 2/15/08, $18.00 afterwards to race day.

Online Reg. Closes:
February 21, 2008 11:59 PM Pacific Time

The second race takes place on Saturday as well… at the Mall of Georgia. Oh, I want to run and go shopping! I can’t-I can’t-I can’t… Arrrgh!

The Mall of Georgia is located just off I-85 in Buford, GA. The proceeds from the race wil benefit the Children's Miracle Network, Miss Mall of GA Scholarship Fund, and Simon Foundation for Children.

$15.00 BY 2/14/08, $20.00 afterwards to race day.

Online Reg. Closes:
February 21, 2008 11:59 PM Pacific Time

The race takes place on paved roads going around The Mall of Georgia. So run to the finish line and keep on going inside... do a little shopping and finish yourself off with some fattening treat. That sounds like heaven! Well okay, maybe it will lead to heaven... but still, what a great way to run!

I had more to report, but Word keeps messing with me and I keep losing my posts! The cyberdog keeps eating my homework! So there will be more tomorrow. Good night!

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