Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Weekend Wind Up

And so this marks the official end of the weekend. I didn't get everything done that I wanted/needed to do, but there were a few surprises, so all in all it was a decent weekend.

I'm more than a little sad that I didn't make it to The Odd Couple. I heard it was hilarious. I wanted to go, but I had company and timewise, I couldn't make it work.

Oh well...

On the plus side, I'm a couple pounds heavier due to The Green Bean and Tastes of Georgia. My sister blew into town with her two unruly dogs, so we went for a walk at the dam... first stopping in for fuel at The Green Bean. I had a wonderful blender mocha (insert praiseworthy poem here. Don't people create sonnets, poems to honor... great mochas? The title to one such poem escapes me, but I'm sure thousands exist.... so feel free to insert said work of genius here.) ... and my sister had a regular coffee with three shots of expresso... Plain coffee????? That's just so black and white TV. (Insert static here. TV with no sound. A blank sheet of paper. Tasteless Tofu.... and on and on and on...) On the plus side, the Green Bean did get her overly caffeinated seal of intense approval so in the long run, it's all good.

It was beautiful day down at the Dam. The water was so blue and even the wretched shore line looked fab... It was a windy day, and some enterprising kids were making good use of the weather, flying their kites and they were staying up without much effort. Now that's a great idea... Seeing as March is just beginning, it might be a good time to make use of all of the March winds.

For us, the only sour note was a couple of loose dogs, but then my sister seems to bring them out. There were no dog fights though, so it was a peaceful experience.

Then we went for dinner at Tastes Of Georgia. It was wonderful. We started off with Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Platter, comprised of three different cheeses. I forget all the varieties but I remember goat cheese was one of them. The bread was wonderful and oh, those toasted pecans! Everything was top notch, and after devouring the platter and downing a bowl of chicken/broccoli soup, we were almost too full for the entree, but hey, we managed to pack most of it in.

I went for Chicken Rollatini which was chicken breast stuffed with Proscuitto and Thomasville Tomme cheese paired with Red Mule Grits and the best steamed broccoli. How often do you get excited about steamed broccoli? Not often... apparently only when you go to Tastes Of Georgia. (At my house, it's all about static. Black and White TV, etc. Sometimes I just eat the pictures on the boxes and come out better.)

We finished off the night with three Harbor Sweets chocolates. A perfect way to cap off a sweet evening! And of course there was wine, followed by whine and more wine. I forget the varieties... something about Luna... Alexander... maybe... nah, I forget. It was an interesting evening because our host talked about his favorites, the new wines, what was popular, etc. I really enjoyed that.

For the curious, Tastes Of Georgia is located on the square at 350 East Howell St, Hartwell, GA 30643 and the phone number is 706-376-0953. Their website is
Their weekly dinner service is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm-8pm.

Check out their upcoming Spring Harvest Dinner which takes place on March 8, 2008
The fixed price dinner is $24. The wine flight $11 for 4 paired wines. Seatings take place from 5PM-8PM and don't fail to make reservations at (706)376-0953

Also bear in mind that they have free wine tastings on Fridays and Saturdays from 4-6PM.

And on Sunday, I subbed a snarky little humor piece. Heh. Enough said. It doesn't pair well with memories of good food, nutritious vegetables.... so, Good night!

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