Friday, March 21, 2008

Happily AWOL

OMG, I hardly blogged for the whole of March!!!! Now how did that happen? Ah yes, nailed to the wall by Daylight Savings Time! I was robbed of my month! Beaten, thrown to the gutter by Father Time! For forty days, forty nights, I wandered, stumbled through the fog, looking for a kindly barista with a 100 watt cup of coffee... something with the proper wattage, capable of alleviating my morning S.A.D. disorder... No wonder the month was so hard! There I was... trying to make do with the usual cup of 60 watt coffee... Arrgh! Hindsight should be so dimly lit... then that whole ignorance is bliss theory might actually work out.

But enough whining. Another reason why I haven't been writing is because the doing takes all of the ambition out of me. I actually got up and ran in Atlantic Station's Shamrock and Roll 5k on March 16th. I was DETERMINED to observe St Pat's Day. This required getting up in the middle of the night, feeling my way to the car... driving with no coffee in my system, no breakfast... oh never mind as this is causing the most inconveniently vivid flashbacks... So the end result was that my time was lousy, but I didn't care bee-cause I had a fine time! It was a fairly large race with 666 (what a number!) runners overall. There were 22 runners in my age group… most runners were in their thirties, according to the Junior League website (sponsors of the race.) I should have run the 10k, but chickened out... There were 789 runners in that race.

It was a lot of fun afterwards... some arts and crafts, Irish Step dancers, an Irish band.... runners with kilts, etc. And socks! I just asked for directions and somehow snagged a free pair of socks. You just cannot beat free socks.

But enough of useless stats and ancient personal history. On to the present!

Thanks to the looming pressure of this blog, I actually got with it and ordered tix for OnStage Atlanta's production of "All In The Timing" by David Ives. It is a series of one acts, a different combination of which will be performed nightly. The last performance is Saturday night, so if you're interested, get your google finger in the proper position. I ordered my tix online. I just love online convenience...

I LUV U, David Ives & I'm going to C U!!!!! Yay! I promise to report on the night... Ives is a comedienne who just happens to like the title playwright... So, I'm expecting great things from my evening of hilarity.

Also this same theatre is going to perform Urinetown later on in the summer, so that's something to put on my calendar. I've never seen the play, but I luv the music. And Onstage Atlanta is in Decatur, and I luv u, Decatur. So the night will be fun, fun, fun! A town with good coffee (Indie Coffee), good food (J. Christopher) and good theatre (the aforementioned... for goodness sakes, weren't you paying attention?????)

And last and surely least... another installment of the Ambush/Attack Book Club. Your link for the week is: Your challenge is to figure out the relevance of the title to the story.... Er... the link escapes me...

and enough about enough. Good night!

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