Monday, March 10, 2008

The Diddly Squat Weekend

My weekend was so unimpressive, uninspiring, that I didn't even want to write down the details. The low point came when I was going through my email Sunday night... and boo hoo sob, noticed that Stateboro, Ga has a huge, relatively new bookstore... and boo hoo sob, I was there! I went! I looked around... and yet, I failed to conquer. And when will I venture back? Who knows? I only go a couple of times a year, so that was one wasted opportunity. Oh well... if I save the money I would have spent on books (er... maybe 46.89...) and put it into a CD... perhaps by the time I go back... I'll have 47.60. Woo hoo! Wachovia, here I come!

Oh well, as Scarlett always noted, "Tomorrow is another day." Hopefully I'll be able to get out this weekend. There are some worthy offerings if you're willing to travel. In the theatre world, you might head toward Clemson, SC to check out The Adventures of Robin Hood, written by Michele L. Vacca. The website is at:
The performances are on March 7, 8, 9 & 14, 15, 16, 2008

From the website: Sherwood Forest comes to our stage, as this delightful, fast moving, and witty play brings Robin and his Merrie Band looking for an opportunity to perform daring, dashing deeds in their customary fun-loving fashion. Learning that the nasty and nefarious Sheriff of Nottingham is about to collect taxes (again!), they don disguises and dash into town, temporarily foiling the Sheriff in a series of clever ploys. Later, a disguised Robin and his friends mingle with the crowds at the fair in Nottingham, and engage in a number of bold, dramatic, and comic adventures, as each side attempts to outwit the other. The action fills the stage with archery and swordplay. Can triumph for our hero, Robin, be far behind? Join us in Sherwood for the excitement, the spectacle, and the fun!

I don't know if that's a show geared for children... or for the thumb sucking adult... who er... enjoys Those-Younger-Than-Young-Adult-Writers... heh, okay, before the hate mail starts, yes I'm kidding! Anyway, I should google that playwright, but er... I see I haven't, so er... maybe you should meet me halfway. Self serve and all of that. Does Google deliver? If so, I'll take extra cheese with my info. And a side of fries.

And to continue the theme of Arrested Juvenelia Developmentia, you could also head over to the Abbeville Opera house to go see The Wizard Of Oz! Check out the website at The performance dates are at 8:00 pm on Friday, March 7,Saturday, March 8, Friday, March 14, Saturday, March 15, and Afternoon Matinees (3:00 pm) on Saturday, March 8 and Saturday, March 15

And in Greenville, SC... check out:
The play is Sight Unseen by Donald Margulies. The time is Mar. 14-16, 20-23, 27-29

From the website: Sight Unseen is the story of wildly successful painter Jonathan Waxman who is in search of the one thing that once made him truly great…Patricia. The only problem is Patricia has married Nick and won’t forgive Jonathan for what he did in the past. This production follows the events that lead up to this English country-side meeting where all three people search for answers and the nature of true art.

The playwright Donald Margulies was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1954. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and won a Pulitzer.

This would definitely be for the adult theatre-goer. Yup, one less thing to google. ah, certainty is a grand thing...

And oh! I DID do something today... I hosted the second installment of The Attack/Ambush Bookclub! It was a fascinating experiment. You go up to a person with their guard down... you throw your printout at them... And oh yeah, this week's offering is Meanwhile, your captive audience is reading their 55 words thinking it's a grocery list, a to do list, whatever... and then, in the space of 2 20 seconds or less, you have implanted a story virus into someone's brain. Today's ambush went rather well. They liked the story, but sadly had no time to get into imagery, metaphor, etc. After all, I had ordered my drink and was waiting for my check so my reader was busy lol. Hopefully as the week goes on, I'll have more ambushes to describe.

So... read, reflect and consider going on the attack! People say they have no time to read... but you can force the process! This is step One in taking our culture back.

On that note... Good night!


caroline said...

I saw Logan&Erin's printout! It was a cool story. I wasn't sure what it meant, but I've been pondering it all day... perhaps you were right, it's a virus!

Golly. :)

margaret said...

hhhhhaaaaa! you're infected! That's just wonderful lol.

It puzzled/vexed me too. I didn't see the gunshots coming.