Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Green Bean Doings and Undoings

Does an evening of yapping at the Green Bean count as a cultural outing? After all... those present and alert did discuss... er... the subtext, exquisite imagery (blonde!), continuing motifs (shirts off! more 007 abs!), etc. contained within... double er... Casino Royale, the latest Bond offering. We analyzed the point of departure from previous Bond efforts, attached that to the larger context of... "do you take yours on the sweet side or the coffee side?" heh, yes, as you suspected, your bit of intellectual fluff was hi-jacked by a real moment down at the Coffeehouse. (Think of it as a second long reality series. A web cam without the technology. A bit of addled babbling due to a late night shot of expresso? Goodness gracious! Now that is slander!)

Question of the day: How many crunches did (insert actor's name here) 007 have to do... to create his magnifique physique? Not that anyone should ever try that at home.

Question Two: How does one manage to channel one's ancient French class after watching the Paris expisode of the HBO drama, "John Adams"? Will the flashbacks continue?

Back to reality. Back to the Bean means Friday night to see Adam Brown. Since I can't ever remember to get on their mailing list, I'm not sure of the time... but I'm guessing 8pm. Adam has a day job (dentist!) and plays by night... covers and original tunes. He has a lot of fans so get your buzz on early! After all, the world has a limited amount of chairs.

In an unrelated item, due to an ooh and an ah overheard at the Bean tonight, apparently there are new and exciting teas at the Bean! Line up early and get yours, hopefully in time to synchronize your sipping with the latest episode of John Adams, the new HBO drama. Twitch alongside (insert actor's name here) John Adams as he shakes his head in exasperation at Ben Franklin, wife Abagail and those frivolous Franks! Heh, it really is wonderful show. Oooh, oooh, cultural offering! I get points for my pretentiousness! And in a related note, how about that alliteration!

Okay, okay on the un-selfabsorbed side... UNCLE VANYA, by Anton Chekhov (a really good playwright) is playing this weekend in Athens. So stay in Hartwell on Friday, then go to Athens on Saturday. See? It works so well. It's playing Mar 26-30 @ 8:00 pm and Mar 30 @ 2:30 pm
at the Cellar Theatre, in the Fine Arts Bldg at the University of Ga. (Go down Lumpkin St and turn left at some point. Heh.)

From the website:Chekhov’s heart-rending tale of wasted lives and the comic moments that surround them is a masterpiece of modern drama. (Does that mean... that my wasted life and the comic moments that surrounds my wastedness... is a masterpiece of my modern drama queenedness????? Oh how easily my head swells! Which I hate actually because my crown never fits properly afterwards...)

The most important info: Admission: $7 for UGA students & seniors 60+ and $10 general admission.

And if thinking is just TOO hard.. especially about your wasted life... then go get wasted at The 27th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival of Conyers which takes place Saturday, Mar 29, 2008 10 AM - 5 PM at the Georgia International Horse Park - Conyers, GA , 1996 Centennial Olympic Parkway

From the website: The City of Conyers is proud to present the 27th annual Cherry Blossom Festival of Conyers. The Festival began as a way to encourage cultural understanding and friendship through international music, dance, games, food, and crafts. There are over 300 booths, continuous entertainment from two stages and children's activities. $0. Parking Fee: $5.00 770-602-2606.

And that's all I can do. Party's over! Good night!

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