Thursday, March 6, 2008

Food and Drink Is Your Best Option...

Well I'm still going out of town... so since I'm not really interested in promoting anything locally... I just have fun dissing what's going on in our area... without ME... boo, hiss! What a terrible idea lol.

This bit of bad news came in my inbox...


Coming up on Saturday, March 8, is the Broadway musical, “Ring of Fire,” the final show in the 2007-08 season’s Country Series. This incredible production is based on the music of the legendary Johnny Cash and features 38 of his signature songs. Join us in honoring the life, the legend and the music of “The Man in Black.”

Tickets: $25-$59
Showtime: 8 p.m.

Ouch, I'd sooner see a splatter flick. I hear Johnny Cash on the radio and I start punching buttons. A whole two hours... only earplugs could save me. I'd sooner go see an Elvis impersonator. Even a bad one. Even one who lip synced. I think I heard "A Boy Named Sue" too one too many times in the seventies... it killed a lot of brain cells and I bitterly resent their removal. The last 30 years have been difficult... and yes, I think I'll blame Johnny Cash for every trial and tribulation. But hey, don't mind my ignorant self... enjoy the night if you're so inclined! Just don't share the details or let me listen via your Iphone during the concert. I'll be dragging my fingernails across a blackboard. Listening to cats fight in the alley. Anything!

On a more pleasant note, Autumn’s Tragedy is playing at the Green Bean Coffee CafĂ© on Friday night, March 7th at 8 pm. It's an acoustic show of Christian rock and admission is FREE... so... get a jump on Sunday and hey, no collection plate will be coming your way... so Go! How often does your wallet... get to rejoice? Who knows, it may get so excited that it converts to Euros right on the spot. Now that would be a genuine miracle and with the sorry state of the dollar, that just means that you can buy twice as many lattes. Several miracles later... well, you won't be sleeping, that's a given.

So... on day two of your weekend, you'll need to calm yourself, to purge yourself of the coffee jitters... so head across the street to Tastes Of Georgia. Their Thursday newsletter reports that they have "A FEW SLOTS LEFT for our INCREDIBLE SPRING HARVEST DINNER this Saturday night, March 8th! We are also rolling out a new lunch and dinner menu this week!"

Tastes of Georgia
Spring Harvest Dinner
March 8, 2008
Fixed Price Dinner $24 Wine Flight $11 for 4 paired wines
Seatings 5PM-8PM BY RESERVATION (706)376-0953

And the wines for the wine tastings come from Australia.

I wish I could see this! But I can't. Boo hoo.

"Our Town." 8 p.m. March 6-8. New look at Thornton Wilder's classic with Del Hamilton, artistic director of 7 Stages. Tickets $7; $5 senior citizens and students. Conant Performing Arts Center, 4484 Peachtree Road, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta. For more information, please call 404-504-1074 or visit .

Now don't you know that would be interesting? maybe if I went to see it... I'd finally figure out what it's all about. (I had to read that play a lot in school... traumatic flashbacks are forthcoming...)

And that's it for the weekend. So go do something! Make your weekend count! Good night!

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caroline said...

Rotfl, down with Johnny!

"A Boy Named Sue" is a hilarious song, nontheless.

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