Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bootleg Pictures Of The Play!

Weekend One of "Wait Until Dark", the current offering by the Hart County Community Theatre... and you probably missed it, but I had the best/worst seat in the house... for the radio show, that is. The photo tells the story... yes, I was a stowaway on the set of "Wait Until Dark"! I thought about popping out and adding an character to the play, but the play was just too taut and together and my villainy wasn't needed. So I just... did my job... and took a picture instead! On the sly! Oh, how I love the I-phone. It just put the I (me!me!me! that is) into WaIt UntIl Dark.

To add to the suspense of the play, I shall not reveal my position in the theatrical lineup! (Clue No One: Swing low... swing way down to the bottom) I confess I am in the program and figuring it out is a no-brainer, but even so, I shall not cooperate!

And to my friends who are clueless... just what is "Wait Until Dark?" It's the dark, suspenseful, Halloween offering by the theatre... a contemperary take on the movie that Audrey Hepburn starred in, back in the day. It takes place in the swinging sixties (but be assured, no actual swinging goes on, only some hand wringing both onstage and off... and much bell ringing, and much hat wearing, but no cat in the...) in the apartment of Sam and Suzie Hendrix, a young couple just trying to keep from answering that doorbell...

The photo below is of Jay Gordon and Jennifer Donald. I'm sorry, dear reader, that the picture is too small and that you too can't look for blood, but i can't work my iphone. Sometimes the i fails the me,me,me, then youyouyou...

Having the best/worst seat in the house is interesting... You hear snippets of conversation before, during and after the show... Jennifer Donald, playing Susy Hendrix, the lead actress, injured her foot. How? Dwayne Donald, one of many leading men... smacked his head on an unforgiving surface... as he was tumbling towards... who? (Alas, I have only my faulty hearing as a source. Oh, if only the Hartwell Sun had covered this episode... but since no reporters were present, you'll have to go with my hearsay.) Was there blood? If so, it was scooped up and saved for a future production. (HCCT Theatre is a nonprofit organization, after all.) I didn't see any though... or did I? Kinsey Ethridge, the lead in oh so many ways, was wielding a mop after the show today.... Hmmm... I shall have to count the cast on Friday. We might have lost one.

I hate it when that happens.

More on the play tomorrow... which has three more times at bat... October 17 and 18th at 8pm (sharp! due to the the theme of the play...) Get your tickets by calling 706-376-5599 or email


Sandship said...

Great picture (and text), Marg. Funny, all the references to blood and injuries . . . . Again, thanks for all your help with the show.

One of the (many) other Margarets

Q-ball said...

Hello margaret, this is Qp... I am being a link to my blog whereat i am posting my NaNoWriMo story... Just os you know, I'm a Potterf...