Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things People Say To Bikers

I LOVE blogging with pictures. There's something about... not having to write as much? Or perhaps am I just trying to keep up with the Shoefields? A member of that court has inspired me to add a little documentary effect toward my tall tale of the day. So without further ado, I'll introduce my new bike! The Jamis Commuter 3!

The bike came with a beautiful, black metal basket, but alas, it fell off the bike mid transport and left me with a gaping... gap... and an ugly, cheap basket that sigh, will never take its place. I shall replace it! I shall!

But this is not about my projectile wallet. This is about the random bits of conversation that come your way while pedaling in different locations. While scrambling past the front of Bell's Grocery Store last week, a man paused and let me pass, reflecting on the possibility that, "It'd just be my luck to get hit by a bike."

Tonight I took a ride to Lavonia, on behalf of Cookie
(see Exhibit A where subject cat is spewing hatred because wacko owner dared to leave the sofa where she was happy). I wanted to check out Pedi Paws, a new pet store that surely would have eco-responsible cat litter. No clay mined toxic spew for Cookie! Well! I risked my gas, my time for so little. The shop seems to cater to iguana or would be iguana owners. No cat litter at all! So... all I could do was ride the Jamis. People seemed to react as though it was the first bike ever seen anywhere. One man said my flashing bike light looked like a police light. Hope I didn't make him nervous.

Okay so maybe people in Hartwell are funnier than those in Lavonia, but oh, I had fun spinning my wheels tonight. Lavonia has some good, low traffic roads... I will surely return... if that whole gas thing works out, that is.

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