Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Your weekly reading assignment is at http://www.birdandmoon.com/55words/story30.html

So get to it! I'm way ahead of you. This week must be book week. I went shopping this weekend and kept picking up discount books... I'm going to try to read 4 or 5 books at one time as my Goodreads/Shelfari shelves are lacking... and my friends are speeding past me in the book count. At Shelfari, I joined a short story group that is reading BASS 2007 and the first story out was an interesting clunker, Louis Auchinclosss, "Pa Darling." (That's what happens when Stephen King edits? The jury is still out. I'm willing to give the ole fopdoodle a chance... but selection no. 2 must be brilliant or else! And the inserting of the word fopdoodle was no accident... that is a gift from book no 2, "Poplollies and Bellibones, a Celebration of Lost Words" by Susan Kelz Sperling. It's not a good word... but it's not a bad word, just a mean 'un and is entirely unfair to the editor. So, I'll not give the explanation... Let's just say that when I'm cruising 'round the square tomorrow and I get cut off in traffic like I did this morning (I did! I did!) I'm going to hang my head out the window and shriek, "Hey you worthless fopdoodle! Where did you learn to drive?!? Or did you? Maybe you never got beyond parking? Maybe you drive like I program my dvd player, like I work my cell phone (barely, that is.)" Well anyway, because of the fopdoodle in the opposite lane, I had to park halfway to Anderson. Volksmarching in the the early morning! That's all I'm saying.

And speaking of Anderson! Thursday offers some entertainment there. Thursday means that it's time for Downtown Sounds! See the schedule at http://www.mainstevents.com/downtownsounds2.html

The music scheduled for this week is "ANDERSON'S OWN" MISS WANDA JOHNSON
If you like passionate vocals, powerful stage charisma, great original songs, and a soulful performer who really connects with her audience, you will love Wanda Johnson. She is accompanied by Charleston-based pianist/composer Shrimp City Slim (Gary Erwin) and his band.

Influences: All the great women blues, soul & gospel singers. Sounds Like: Uniquely herself, but Wanda has drawn comparisons to the young Irma Thomas, Nina Simone, Norah Jones, and (believe it or not) Amy Winehouse

Check her music out at http://cdbaby.com/cd/wandaj2

I liked her style... but I think I'll sit this one out. Price of gas isn't exactly going down... We must be choosy on behalf of the addled republic.

I did some interneting this weekend and I found this site: http://www.shopforthelibrary.net/
If you shop at the participating stores, you can earmark a certain amount of money for the library of your choice. I haven't checked out the fine print yet, but it looks interesting...

And as far as the theatre goes... my vote goes to the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta... A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Directed by Drew Reeves
April 11-May 4
$12 General Admission Preview April 10
Fairies, woods, and miscommunication…need we say more? Yes! Tickets go “swifter than an arrow from the Tartar’s bow!” Join the cast and crew members for a Question and Answer session on Sunday April 20 after the show!

I luv this play! I must see it again. Why, it's been years... since I saw my first Shax play and laughed my head off. The tavern is on Peachtree St and serves dinner with the play. Oh the Shepherd's pie... I would herd goats for the chance to eat that again... And the blondie brownie at intermission! And the best actors anywhere. Yes, I must put that on my schedule...

Good night!

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