Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Animal Theme

Breaking news! I noticed that Anderson, SC is starting their downtown music series this week: I LOVE their downtown music jams! I discovered a couple of interesting bands last year and I didn't even attend one fourth of the shows. This year... well, this year is the year. Of the early bird. Of the go-getting go-pher it! Having said all of that nonsense, I doubt I'll make this first show. HA!

Well, I would, but the first group up is a band called The Nightcrawlers (yet another animal!). If you want to sample their music, check out

From the website: April 3 - NIGHTCRAWLERS
A four piece from the Asheville NC area, they bring an improvisational blend to their blues, soul and rock and roll material while still maintaining the directness and vitality of a good dance band. Featuring guitar, sax/keyboard, bass, and drums – the band members provide a solid rock groove along with powerful vocals and tasteful solos.

I listened to a song about Katrina and I liked it, but not enough for the price of gas. On the other hand, I need to buy BASS (le animal once more!) 2007 for a reading group, so if I remember to buy it... well, anything could happen. I really like going downtown, walking around and listening to the music or sitting around the courthouse and listening to music. And for the foodies who might be reading, they do have beer... which practically liquid bread. And wine... which is er... smushed grapes. (Not to mention... roadkill! Sorry, but your roundup of current events has been interrupted by your subliminal animal theme!) Well okay, real food is... a restaurant away. Myself, I usually go and get the OREO Speedwagon from the E City Coffeehouse... which is gobs of ice cream and just enough coffee to singe my eyebrows.

But if you are traveling in another direction, you might do well to check out Atlanta Shakespeare tavern and their production of "Of Mice (OOOH! OOOH!) and Men" By John Steinbeck. April 6 is the last day so clutch your credit card now and put your credit limit in overdrive... The cost is $12 General Admission. From the website: A tender (yes! I think it counts!) and heartbreaking story of two emigrant workers who end up victims of forces beyond their control. In Steinbeck’s lovingly created adaptation of his classic novel, Lennie, a large, strong man with the intellectual capabilities of a small child and his short stocky companion George struggle to seek their own utopia in California during the Depression.

I do hate to be a total naysayer... but you know, I read the book so, I don't think I'll be making the trip (price of gas you know). It's a beautiful book, blah blah blah and I love-love-love the Tavern... but eh... I'm getting my funk on just thinking about the whole depressing, distressing, Depression of the plot, that whole ultra-reality thing which could bring on our looming recession just by way of... thinking about it all, so... I think by way of antidote, I'll watch 36 Lifetime movies instead. Or maybe the E channel... they're probably still showing old profiles of Anna Nicole. Surely I haven't learned everything...

And I vowed not to cover running since I've been doing so well with it, but since I ran (from... an animal????? ) tonight (3.6!) and since there's nothing really going on in the theatre world until next week... well, I might as well mention the Doug Harris Memorial Half Marathon and 10K on April 5th. Both races are trail runs through the Issaqueena Forest (loads of animals there!) in Clemson, SC

And in another direction, on the same day, Athens, Georgia is hosting the Saturday Red Carpet Day 5K Fun Run/Walk

Since I'm not really covering running tonight, you're on your own! Go to and check out the details in greater de-tail. And so we end with a tail! The animal theme sticks around to the bitter end!

Good night, night owls! (Oh, Oh! Oh!)

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